Benefits v working?

so, i work for a living, bloody hard in fact, 2 jobs, about 15 hours a day, 6 days a week. And yet i know people on benefits who have sky tv, movies and sports And better cars than me. I cant afford that?

so tell me how thats fair. I see people saying ‘im not taking that job, im better off on the dole’.

How on earth is this fair?

i think benefits should be made of the following

  • housing benefits, capped to price and 3 bedroomed house
  • food stamps instead of money
  • travel card for work (see below) and interviews
  • No more than 2 children shall be paid for – if you cant afford them, don’t have them!
  • Random drug testing, you fail, you lose your benefits (why should i pay to fund you dossing and your habit!)
  • You commit a crime, you lose your benefits and your house
  • After being on the dole for 6 months, you should have to do voluntary / community work to keep your benefits


I welcome any more sensible views.

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