Welcome to UKGov.org

The fantasy United Kingdom Government web site.

Its like the real thing, only smarter…

We decided to set up this web site because of the way the country is run at the moment.

We will give you the chance to air your views, discuss with others the state of the country and what should be done to change it and make it run better.

Also, we will give one of you each month the chance to ‘run the country’ with your own changes and see if the rest of us agree with you! If you wish to become our PM for a month, we will set up an area where you can post your views for a month and others can comment and vote for you.

Feel free in the meantime to let us know of your ‘issues’ with the country. I myself, and many of my friends have lots, including:

  • Asbo/Crime
  • Prisons (now this is a joke!)
  • Smoking (did you know the only bar you can smoke in is in the house of commons?)
  • Immigrants
  • Education
  • Recycling
  • Healthcare
  • Transport
  • Taxes
  • Fuel
  • Green Issues
  • Packaging (is there any need, who spent most of christmas unpacking kids presents!)
Please Note:This site has nothing to do with the real government of the UK. We just want to do it better and make it a bit more fun!

This list will grow and grow…, so keep coming back for updates, tell your friends and let us know your thoughts.

And if you want to help run the site, fill in the contact form and let us know. It would be great to get you on board, what MP do you want to be ?

If you would like to sponsor this site, you best contact us quick whilst its still cheap!

Also: We will be selling email addresses soon, you too could have a cool email address… @ukgov.org

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